Funk Whitall Residence

The clients requested a fireplace element to be created for the blank wall in the middle of the view side of their A frame home, to act as more than any ordinary focal point. Originally discouraged by the cost of custom fire elements creators to charge $45,000 for three areas of “balls of fire”, I designed and fabricated this 23 foot tall fire element out of blackened steel and an off-the-shelf fireplace from the hardware store for under $10,000. While it only has one fire element, the clients report that the heat created is more than adequate to heat the entire living space if they choose. I also designed and fabricated the bases for two custom tables, for formal and informal dining. The concrete tops were provided by Vince Cathcart of VC Studio, Inc.


Hong Kong Supermarket

Hong Kong Supermarket is moving to its new location being built at South 39th and Yakima, in Tacoma, in late winter of 2014.  I was asked by the ownership group to design, obtain permits and manage this project through construction, after their existing building, the Lincoln Bowl, collapsed in January 2012.  Originally designed as a simple retail box, the owners asked me to give them something unique at the entries on two sides of the structure.  Inspired by the language of the famous structure in the Chinese Olympics called the Birds’ Nest, and in general by the Asian cultures that live and shop in this neighborhood, the design of the store has become a visual tribute to the vivacity and culture of this community. 

Intaglio Salon

A tenant improvement project near the Tacoma Mall, Intaglio Salon was a dream client. Originally I created a drawing set and obtained a permit for construction, and then I took the project through construction and created the interiors together with the clients to embody their brand and company mission. SE Construction executed the design perfectly, even hanging custom steel panels on cables that I designed and fabricated around Intaglio’s logo. Other custom elements I designed and fabricated for the space include shelving for all their Aveda products, a chandelier hanging over the front desk, and their front door pulls. Special features include a gobo light fixture that projects their logo onto the floor, a feature they can take with them when they move, unlike traditional floor graphics, and custom cabinetry throughout.

Hanson Residence

Custom new home in Gig Harbor, WA
2800 sf
Estimated completion date: February 2011

This project is the result of having great clients with great ideas who are very flexible and easy to work with.  The owners of the property came with a loose plan and the intention of making their new home as sustainably conscience as possible.

In Progress December 2010:

Features of the home will include photovoltaic panels, radiant floor heating, reclaimed wood for trim, siding and soffits, pervious paving, over-insulation, and low VOC finishes.  Large glass garage doors on the living spaces and a sport court in the backyard are two of the many architectural touches that make this house unique.  Steel plate will be used for some areas of siding, along with a large steel sun-shading device, to add to the modern look of the home.