Hawks’ Prairie Sculpture

Lucia Development Co. required an art piece to develop The Landing at Hawks’ Prairie with the density they required for the project. BCRA approached Jennifer initially for monument signage design for the project, and this evolved into the commission for this sculpture, in addition to wall panels for two sides of one of the project’s buildings. Jennifer designed these three pieces while part of Shape 3, Inc.

Jennifer’s design for the wall panels incorporated the hawk in its natural setting, depicting the bird in flight among rays of sunlight.

Foss Family Park

Working with the Children’s Museum of Tacoma, a boating association and the Foss Waterway Development Authority, Jennifer designed a new building for the museum and boaters for this site at the southernmost tip of the Foss Waterway, near the newly completed D Street overpass. Jennifer created the renderings from a virtual model, and these drawings were the basis of discussion for the community in workshops about the project. Jennifer’s concepts for the project included the idea that the building should act like a park, allowing visitors up onto the green roof as a public space.