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Designing Public SPACES FOR Communities

At Weddermann Architecture, we actively seek projects that will contribute to our community. We value relationships. Open communication and honesty with our clients are paramount to our success. We are involved in our community in a variety of ways and believe that service to clients of all types is our top priority. 

Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

Kids’ Zone Phases 1 & 2

Jennifer acted as Project Architect and Project Manager (while at BCRA) on both phases of the Kids’ Zone of the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium. Working with zoo staff, exhibit specialists, animal exhibit specialists, and other team members, Jennifer acted as architectural lead on these projects from beginning to end. Dillonworks was the exhibit designer and fabricator, and Jody Miller was the general contractor. Other team members included Stuart Young, Principal in Charge at BCRA, Hultz|BHU, Cross, PCS Structural Solutions, and Landau Associates.


Sacred Heart Church

Replacement building

Weddermann Architecture, AHBL and Hultz|BHU are the project team for the new building on the church's property on McKinley in southeast Tacoma. Sacred Heart had a failing building on their property that needed to be demolished and removed. With input from Hultz|BHU and AHBL, Weddermann Architecture designed a building that could function as a community destination for many activities from feeding the public, to youth activities to private and public events. This building works in conjunction with the existing structures on Sacred Heart’s property.  


Tacoma Police Department

Headquarters Building

From 2001-2003, while at Architects Rasmussen Triebelhorn, Jennifer acted as Project Architect on the Tacoma Police Headquarters new 75,000 square foot building, located near 38th Street on Pine Street in Tacoma, WA. Throughout the two-year design process, Jennifer conducted weekly project team meetings, in addition to leading the architectural staff in drawing set production. The design was collaborative in part with Thomas Cook Fitzgerald Architects. Jennifer worked closely with the clients and team members to solidify a design that achieved a LEED Silver rating, incorporating features such as a raised floor air system. The building brings together the Tacoma Police personnel that had been located in satellite portable offices all over the city. In addition to evidence storage, forensics, homeland security offices, temporary prisoner and processing areas, and permanent offices for all personnel, the building houses a large community space that can serve in emergency response situations. Jennifer was also on the selection panel for the public art that was incorporated into the facility. PCS Structural Solutions, Hultz|BHU, and AHBL were all members of the project team.


Sillyville at the Fair

The Farm @ Sillyville

The Farm @ Sillyville was constructed in 2018 and is an interactive destination within the Washington State Fair every year. Jennifer Weddermann was responsible for the design of six buildings for the project. We worked with local civil engineers the JMJ Team on the layout for the park within a park, aimed at 4-8-year-old children, to create an educational playful experience focused on how farming provides food for our community.