Funk Whitall Residence

The clients requested a fireplace element to be created for the blank wall in the middle of the view side of their A frame home, to act as more than any ordinary focal point. Originally discouraged by the cost of custom fire elements creators to … [Read more]

Hong Kong Supermarket

Hong Kong Supermarket is moving to its new location being built at South 39th and Yakima, in Tacoma, in late winter of 2014.  I was asked by the ownership group to design, obtain permits and manage this project through construction, after their … [Read more]

Intaglio Salon

A tenant improvement project near the Tacoma Mall, Intaglio Salon was a dream client. Originally I created a drawing set and obtained a permit for construction, and then I took the project through construction and created the interiors together with … [Read more]

Hanson Residence

Custom new home in Gig Harbor, WA 2800 sf Estimated completion date: February 2011 This project is the result of having great clients with great ideas who are very flexible and easy to work with.  The owners of the property came with a loose … [Read more]